vdB136 & Yellow Reflection -> 1141K
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Date 07-29 through 08-28-2014
Exposure 34.5hrs LRGB, 19.5hrs RGB, 15hrs Lum, all Bin-2 at 1.12arc.sec/pix.
Optics 2004 RCOS 14.5" Ion, CF Truss, f:9, FL=3311mm.
Mount 2007 AP1200 GTOCP3 #714
Camera 2005 SBIG STL-11000M, -20C, Bin-1 0.56arc.sec p/pixel, Bin-2 1.12arc.sec p/pixel, AstroDon Gen-II LRGB & Gen-I 6nm H-a.
Guider As required: Internal ST-237H chip, or AstroDon MMOAG with 2006 SBIG STL-Remote ST-237H.
Equipment RCOS Field Flatener Corrector. Custom built Water Cooling and DryAir Purge Systems
Processing MaximDL/CCD FocusMax FitsPlug PhotoShop CS4 SigmaCombine AstroActions
Location StarFields Observatory (SFO), Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida,
Comments  Blue arcs in upper left from 5.6mag SAO 49946 B8 star, some monitors show lower left diagonal half of this image with a light blue haze overlaying the image.

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