NGC6992 - Veil   (Larger - 1413x2000 1413K)
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Date 08-31-05 through 09-10-05
Exposure Time 7h40m, H-a 200mins (10x20min), RGB 90mins ea. (9x10mins), All Bin 1:1
Optics AP155EDFS, f:7.26, FL=1127, 1995 #95
Equipment AP Field Flatener, FLI PDF, PreciseParts Adapters, ST-4 Guider, TAK FS-78 GuideScope
Mount Losmandy Titan, #26
Camera SBIG STL-11000M, 1.65 arc.sec p/pixel, AstroDon I-Series HaRGB, -20C w/PolarBear Chiller @ 50F & DryAir Purge
Processing MaximDL/CCD,  Sigma Combine Pre-Beta 11 by Ray Gralak, PhotoshopCS,  AstroActions by Noel Carboni
Location StarFields Observatory, Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida,     29d 24m 26.34s  North   82h 51m 31.26s   West
Conditions Clear to light haze, ~76F, H-a Sub-Frame Average 1.8 FWHM
Comments Ninteen H-a exposures were taken over a month's time. While blinking to choose the very best, twelve asteroids were found moving through at various angles. All were fast movers between frames, one moved very slowly which was also captured in the RGB frames. Another fast mover passed this same area during one of the Blue frames. Sigma's 'Standard Deviation Masking' combine removed most asteroids except for a couple and the two located opposite and a little lower right inside the nebulea from the 'tornado' sticking out near the top.

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