NGC6960 H-aRGB  (North Left)   (~40% Resized -> 1,533K )
(100% unResized -> 4,019K )   (H-a ~40% Resized -> 1,252K )
(Gx in Pickering's Triangular Whisp? -> 198K )
*   *     Technical Data     *   *
Date 08-26 through 10-01-2008
Exposure 20hrs 40mins H-aRGB, H-a 7hrs30mins, R 4hrs26mins, G 4hrs, B 4hrs41mins, all Bin-1.
Optics 1995 AP155EDFS #95, f:7.26, FL=1126
Mount 2007 AP1200 GTOCP3 #714
Camera 2005 SBIG STL-11000M, 1.65 arc.sec p/pixel @ -20C, AstroDon I-Series HaRGB.
Guider 2006 SBIG STL-Remote w/Red filter, TAK FS-102, FL-816mm f:8, 1.87arc.sec p/pixel.
Equipment AP Field Flatener, FeatherTouch FTF-3545 & Digital MicroFocuser, PreciseParts Adapters.
Custom built Water Cooling and DryAir Purge Systems
Processing MaximDL/CCD w/Russ Crowman's Sigma Combine Plug-In, PhotoshopCS2,  FITSplug by Eddie Trimarchi, AstroActions by Noel Carboni
Location StarFields Observatory (SFO), Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida,   29d 24m 26.34s  North,   82h 51m 31.26s   West
Comments ... Difficult processing all the different color intensities.
... Found neat little Gx(?). Unable to find an identification in my Atlases. Can anyone find anything at 20h48m59.5s +30d43m45s?

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