NGC4536 -> 1181K
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Date 05-04-2012
Exposure 12hrs, LRGB, Bin-2.
Optics 2004 RCOS 14.5" Ion, CF Truss, f:9, FL=3314mm.
Mount 2007 AP1200 GTOCP3 #714
Camera 2005 SBIG STL-11000M, 0.55 arc.sec p/pixel, -20C, AstroDon LRGBH-a.
Guider Internal.
Equipment RCOS Field Flatener. Custom built Water Cooling and DryAir Purge Systems
Processing MaximDL/CCD w/Russ Croman's Sigma Combine Plug-In, Photoshop CS4,  FITSplug by Eddie Trimarchi, AstroActions by Noel Carboni
Location StarFields Observatory (SFO), Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida,
Comments NGC4536 at right, NGC4527 left.
Becoming much easier to process with practice.

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