Abell-1656 + Quasar HB(1256+280)   (North at Right, Downsized 40%) -> 1,513K, (100%) -> 3,985KB
Inverted 100% (Caution - Large File) -> 6,120K
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Date 03-18 through 03-20-2010
Exposure 4hrs Luminance, 20min subs..
Optics 1995 AP155EDFS #95, f:7.26, FL=1126mm, Original Owner.
Mount 2007 AP1200 GTOCP3 #714
Camera 2005 SBIG STL-11000M, 1.65 arc.sec p/pixel @ -20C, AstroDon 6nm H-a, Baader LRGB.
Guider 2006 SBIG STL-Remote, visual Red filter, TAK FS-78, FL-632mm f:8, 2.41arc.sec p/pixel.
Equipment AP Field Flatener, FeatherTouch FTF-3545 & Digital MicroFocuser, PreciseParts Adapters.
Custom built Water Cooling and DryAir Purge Systems
Processing MaximDL/CCD w/Russ Croman's Sigma Combine Plug-In, Photoshop CS4,  FITSplug by Eddie Trimarchi, AstroActions by Noel Carboni
Location StarFields Observatory (SFO), Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida,
Comments ... This 6" lens continues to Astound me.
... Don't count the stars, instead I dare you to count all the Galaxies in this image.
... This image is centered on the upper of the two bright galaxies, NGC4884 at 12.5mag.
... Abell 1656 in Coma Berenices is 321-400 Million Light Years distant.
... Quasar HB89(1256+280) is 21.0mag, its RedShift is 2.66, making it 10.865 Billion Light Years distant.
... NED image of Quasar , it is the small dot in the exact center.
... (NED Source = NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database)
... There two Galaxy Tidal Tails:
... ... 1) the largest is lower right of NGC4874, at 12.9mag, which is the lower bright Gx in the center of the image.
... ... 2) to the upper left of NGC4911, at 13.6mag, below and left of the nice spiral NGC4921, at 13.8mag.

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